Indoors or Outdoors? A case for both.

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry” – Tom Mullen

As Seattle wedding ministers, we at Forever, Together are often asked by brides whether they’re better off having their wedding indoors or outdoors. Surprisingly, after performing over 450 Seattle weddings, we find ourselves recommending both. Each option has risks, each has an up side, but in choosing your Seattle wedding venue, you should always keep in mind that, no matter where you hold your Seattle wedding, at the end you will be married!

Some little girls dream of the day they’ll get married. They plan what their wedding dress will look like. They know exactly who will be in their wedding. They ask their friends to be bridesmaids. They pick the flowers and the color schemes, and then they grow up and they get married exactly how they pictured. Other little girls don’t know what they want. They grow up to marry a handsome man that proposes. And then they realize they have a lot of planning to do for their Seattle wedding. For these women it’s tough to decide on a lot of things. One of those tough decisions is whether or not to hold the wedding at an indoor or outdoor Seattle wedding venue.

For the little girls that grew up not knowing where or how they wanted to get married, we’ve put together a blog that will talk you through some of the decision making involved in choosing between an indoor and outdoor Seattle wedding venue. There are pro’s and con’s to choosing either option, and really it comes down to risk tolerance and personal preference.

The Benefits of Using an Indoor Seattle Wedding Venue:

Holding your wedding at an indoor Seattle wedding venue ensures that you are comfortable. You have heat and/or air conditioning, an even floor and comfortable seating for all of your guests. You’re protected from inclement weather and you have easy access to rooms dedicated to the bridal party for freshening up. High heels won’t dig into the dirt or the sand, and guests won’t sweat or get rained on. Plus, there are no bugs or other unwelcome visitors to worry about. Allergies won’t be an issue, neither would sunscreen or bug repellant. Lighting would be consiten and even so your Seattle wedding photographer won’t have to keep adjusting lenses based on available light, or race the clock so as not to lose precious sunlight. This is a safe bet, and if you don’t want the stress of risking everything there is to battle with the elements then having your wedding at an indoor Seattle wedding venue is ideal.

The Benefits of Using an Outdoor Seattle Wedding Venue:

Being outdoors is extremely refreshing for some people. The sun, the trees, the grass…it helps everyone remember what really matters in life. Being that close to nature can be very relaxing and surreal. Holding a wedding at an outdoor wedding venue in the Seattle area means that you’ll have natural lighting, sounds, and smells of the earth. The sun is relaxing, and old trees, colorful flowers, and beautiful grass all add to the feel of calmness and serenity that can really help a wedding feel relaxed. If you love the outdoors or if you’re looking for a casual feel or if you just want the sunlight to be a part of your wedding day then choosing an outdoor Seattle wedding venue is for you.

The Best of Both Worlds:

Instead of having to choose between indoor and outdoor Seattle wedding venues, you could choose a venue that has both options. Some of the most popular venues in the Seattle area offer this option, including the Blue Ribbon Cooking School on Fairview, Pickering Barn in Issaquah, and The Golf Club at Newcastle. These popular Seattle wedding locations have spaces for both indoor and outdoor weddings, which means that you have a backup plan just in case it rains or you change your mind about an outdoor wedding. They offer a perfect mix of outdoor beauty and indoor elegance.