Nine Reasons Autumn Weddings Are Totally Underrated

Originally posted by De Elizabeth on Sep 19, 2016 in “Engagement, It’s Wedding Season”

When it comes to planning a wedding, the very first thing you have to decide, literally before anything else, is the date. And before you pick the specific date on the calendar, you probably have a good idea as to which season you prefer. While all seasons have their benefits, many factors come together to make autumn truly the best. Objectively speaking, there are many reasons why fall is the ideal time of year to tie the knot. Here are nine of them, all of which will add up to an insanely memorable wedding.

1. You truly cannot ask for better weather.
If Mother Nature behaves herself and the weather plays according to the rules, chances are, you’ll end up with a perfectly crisp day. This will come in handy when you spend several hours crammed into a small room with your bridesmaids while getting ready. There’s literally nothing worse than sweating – or freezing – your ass off at a ceremony.

2. The colors.
There are so many options when it comes to color schemes. You could go orange and red, or blue, or gold, or navy. Almost anything looks amazing against the changing leaves. Which brings me to….

3. The scenery.
If your ceremony is outdoors, you will barely need to decorate at all. The turning leaves will do the job for you. The orange and red trees will look amazing as a backdrop to your nuptials, and there’s something so romantic about falling leaves (not to mention crunchy ones).

4. Think of all the ‘grams.
The colors and symbols of fall are endlessly Instagrammable. And, okay, they’ll look great in your professional photos too.

5. Pumpkin and apple everything.
If you’re a fan of Pumpkin Spice, this is a perfect excuse to make all of your appetizers autumnal themed. Think: pumpkin soup, or apple sausage, or a pumpkin dip. At one wedding, the couple had an apple cider mimosa as the signature drink and guests told them it was pretty much the best thing they’d ever tasted.

6. So many decor options.
Between pumpkins, gourds, wheat, and candles, there are endless options for fall decorations. The best part about this is that you can craft centerpieces from these items without paying extra for flowers. Which results in saving money. Yes, please.

7. Your guests will likely be available.
With summer weddings, you run the risk of choosing a date that interferes with an annual family vacation, or, just as likely, another wedding. People are generally more free during the autumn months, and you won’t have to compete with seventeen billion other June weddings.

8. Think of all the bouquet options.
With an autumn wedding, you can go the unconventional route with your bouquet (which also results in less money.) Your bouquet can be composed of peach and orange roses, but it could also have wheat and berries in it, and be wrapped with burlap!

9. It’s just undeniably romantic.
Think of that quote – “Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Maybe it’s the routine of starting school in the fall, or feeling like the autumn is equated with “new,” but there’s something so quintessentially hopeful about the beginning of autumn. And what better beginning than the words, “I do.”